DeWalt D24000 Tile Saw Review – DeWalt D24000S The Best Professional Wet Saw

I own many DeWalt power tools. Great brand. Great reputation. That’s why I keep buying DeWalt products. However, when it came to my last tile floor project, I went for a cheap tile saw (under $100) and now that my wife is having me remodel our upstairs bathroom AND kitchen, I’m regretting that decision. (If you’re looking for a wet saw sale price and great value for small DIY projects, see the bottom of this post.)

The truth about DIY tile saws is they’re only good for so many cuts and then they burn out – either completely or one day you notice the cuts aren’t as easy as before. Renting tile saws sucks and it’s a horrible value so you definitely want to buy one.

If you plan on doing more than 1 tile flooring project, I highly recommend you get the DeWalt D24000 tile saw. This is the best tile saw bar none.

Pros and Cons of the DeWalt D24000

– Plenty of power (1.5 horse power)
– Easy, precision cuts
– Large cut capacity (24 inch rip and 18 inches diagonally)

dewalt d24000 tile saw

The DeWalt D24000 and the DeWalt D24000S are the best tile saws you can buy.

– 170 gallon water pump (more than enough)
– Motor tilts and locks at 45 degrees or 22.5 degrees w(makes cuts possible w/o an accessory cart block)
– Rubberized rolling table to prevent slipping tiles

The only con I have seen is that the high powered motor can be noisy.

Now if you want the more heavy duty version of the DeWalt D24000 tile saw try the DeWalt D24000S wet saw. The DeWalt D24000S is the absolute best tile saw you can buy. The 2 DeWalt tile saw models are both similar but the DeWalt 24000S has a Stainless steel rail system integrated into the saw frame for the most accurate cuts. Also, the DeWalt 24000S wet saw has a plunge feature that allows the tile cutter make quick plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C registers.

One more difference between the DeWalt 24000S and the DeWalt 24000 is the 45/22.5 degree miter feature for quick angled cuts, dual water nozzels. For these extra features, the price is about $50 more.

See more DeWalt 24000 reviews from DIYers, pros, and amateurs alike.

Read the high praise from D24000S from professional flooring contractors.

In summary, the DeWalt D24000 wet saw and DeWalt D24000S wet saw are the standard in the tile saw industry. If you’ve got multiple home projects with heavy square footage, you want to enter a time share with a friend, or you’re a professional tile layer or flooring expert, you want this tile saw. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

If you’re only looking for a small home project, you can get a great tile saw for about $150. I highly recommend the Skil 3600-02 120-Volt Flooring Saw for the quick DIY project or lower budgets.

Speaking of saving money, buying a tile saw online saves you in retail markup ($50 and up for the DeWalt Professional Tile Saws) and also taxes which are roughly $50 for the DeWalt D24000 tile cutter and more for the DeWalt D24000S.

Best Tile Saw on the DeWalt D24000 Wet Saw Review

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Tile Saw Reviews

Tile Saw Reviews

I bought my tile saw well over a year ago but I know finding a quick cheat sheet on the best tile saws can be difficult. To help you out, I’ve researched a cross section of recent tile saw reviews from previous buyers to give you a checklist on some of the best tile saws out there to meet your needs.

1. The Skil 3600-02 120-Volt Flooring Saw is the best rated tile saw on the Internet (over dozens of wet tile saw reviews). It combines price and quality to present a great value to any DIYer. $151.46 price tag.

2. If you’re just looking for a hand tile saw, the Skil 3510-02 4-Amp 3/8-Inch Tile Saw is a 5 star rated saw and only costs $80.

3. The DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand is a top quality tile saw for professional tile cutters. It’s a great deal at $819.00. Powerful, easy to move, easy to set up and clean up (no mess), it’s a pro’s dream. This is a five star caliber wet tile saw.

4. The MK Diamond 158252 MK-145 1/2-Horsepower 4-1/2-Inch Wet Tile Saw is a very good tile saw option for those looking to spend less and get a quality cheap wet saw. The MK Diamond received overall good reviews and for $95, you can’t argue with the price. If you’ve got to tile a bathroom at home, this is a great candidate to get the job done for less. You should seriously consider this wet saw if you have thought about renting a tile saw from Lowes or Home Depot.

5. The MK Diamond 158189-AMZ MK-100 10-Inch 1-1/2HP Tile Saw is another outstanding wet saw for professional tilers. Among professional tile saws, this ranks among the elite wet saws. $1,550.

Good Tile Saw Reviews

If you have a review on a wet tile saw you have bought, please leave a comment and let other tile layers what your experience has been. I will continue add the best tile saw reviews to this blog. I bought a DeWalt and have found DeWalt to be a solid brand with good reputation and heavy on the quality. Whether you’re a professional tiler or a DIY home project beginner, this post should help guide you in the right direction for the best tile saw.

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Electric 7-inch Wet Table Saw

The Electric 7-inch Wet Table Saw is a great option for DIYers looking to finish off a small tile project like the bathroom floor. Not only have buyers given very positive reviews on this electric tile saw, but the cost is also very low. The price is only $79.99 plus $2.95 shipping and handling. Cheap and a good value!

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